Collection: Microbusiness Proxy

Activate microbusiness proxy process

  1. Register for general membership first click here to apply for a free membership
  2. Join microbusiness proxy membership
  3. After completing the payment, contact the online customer service to open the microbusiness proxy permission to you

      Agency advantage

      1. Agency authorization
      2. Quality assurance
      3. New products every month
      4. Picture package download
      5. Price and profit can be customized
      6. Free shipping, 10-14 days delivery of goods
      7. 0 cost,0 in stock,1 piece wholesale,1 piece dropshipping
      8. Just do your own sales channel, we are responsible for supply
      9. Authorize you to use graphics and text to sell our products in any channel support 1 piece to be shipped to your customer

          1 piece shipped explain

          • Direct delivery (write the buyer's address directly when placing the order), directly deliver the goods to the buyer for you and arrive in 10-14 days

            Payment instructions

            1. Cross-border does not support any cash on delivery, will be shipped after the payment
            2. PayPal

                Logistics & freight description

                1. Shipped after payment
                2. Unlimited number of pieces free shipping
                3. Shipped on the same day under normal circumstances
                4. Excluding factors such as holidays, national holidays, natural disasters, customs clearance, etc., normal conditions are 10-14 days for collection
                5. Receiving time in remote areas will be extended
                6. Temporary out of stock will be notified separately

                    1 product