About Us

1. Brand introduction

One of China's cross-border e-commerce supply chains takes continuous development as the market criterion. At the same time, foreign trade has also made considerable progress. At present, the products have been exported to North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Improve product research and development, enhance production and processing capabilities, and implement long-term brand development plans.

The company has a team of outstanding designers at home and abroad, advanced production equipment and a professional marketing team. Pursue a diversified product range and single product refinement; at the same time, the company realizes diversified business methods, strives to establish multi-regional agents, strengthens quality awareness, establishes brand concepts, and comprehensively enhances brand image. Integrated marketing, integration of resources, division of labor and cooperation, to achieve partner resource sharing, integrity management, and common development;

With network promotion as the core, improve the company's reputation and promote the operation of physical stores. In the process of development, the company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first, integrity first" and the principle of "mutual benefit", and wholeheartedly serve customers at home and abroad to create brilliant.


2. Our advantage

  • A source factory integrating design, production, processing and wholesale.
  • Have a senior returnee design team to keep up with the latest fashion trends, fast fashion, independent personality fashion and real wear.
  • Diverse formulas, rich versions and styles. Our own factory can guarantee quality and meet women's needs for wigs and aesthetics.
  • The cost price of the entire site is distributed to US customers by the agent, wholesale and distribution.
  • Long-term cooperative suppliers, such as online auction owners, community owners, group buyers and micro-business owners.
  • High quality wig! New news every month! The latest supply!


3. Contact us



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