Return Policy

Return and exchange instructions

1. The goods will be inspected in detail before shipment, and we will return/exchange the goods if there are defects or the wrong goods are sent.
2. If there is a defective product, please email or contact customer service within 14 days after receiving the product. Be sure to check after the buyer receives the product!
3. After the defect is confirmed by the customer service, we will reply to your follow-up refund procedure.
(Contact customer service → upload picture (message) → review → reply) or mail to us.
4. Before sending any returned goods, please contact the customer service staff for confirmation before sending, otherwise it will not be accepted.
5. The returned goods must be in the complete package when the goods are received, without traces of wearing, and keep the goods in their original condition.
Please contact the customer service staff within 14 days, after the 14th, overdue will not be accepted.

The following situations are not within the scope of return/exchange

  • I feel that the product is too transparent, too thick, too thin, too big, too small, different from the picture or not as expected, and so on.
  • Does not affect the overall-wearing flaws, such as lining, corners, and other inconspicuous openings, uneven sewing, small spots, and small stains.
  • The real thing is slightly different from the picture, such as buttons, corners, and hang tags.
  • There is a gap between the physical quality and the picture, such as the use of fabrics and the fineness of workmanship.
  • Return/Exchange: If it is not within the scope of return and exchange, the postage will be borne by yourself.